“Russian winter” essay: what kind of is?

Кстати, как настроение после вчерашнего?

Yesterday I was asked by a reader of the website: what kind of is Russian winter ? It is my pleasure to answer this question and publish essays on the topic “Winter in Russia”.

Winter comes earlier in Russia than in other countries. The cold envelops the whole country at once. Here are some essays on Russian winter.

Зимний лес

Russian winter

Variant 1

The winter season in Russia is truly a special time. For many, the cold, crisp air brings back childhood memories of snow forts and snowball fights, accompanied by the warmth of family and friends gathered around a cozy fire.

From late December through mid-March, the period of “Russian winter” is hard to miss. Temperatures can dip well below freezing, with typical lows in the single digits and an occasional cold spell plunging temperatures into the minus range. Adding to the chill is the wind, which often carries a biting sting across the snow-covered plains.

Despite this winter’s cold, however, there are plenty of activities that bring people out of their homes and into the Russian winter wonderland. Ski resorts offer prime downhill courses, while ice rinks dot the landscape. Visitors of all ages can sled down hills, build snowmen and snow forts, or take part in a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight.

The traditional sports of hockey and curling have found their way into the hearts and minds of many Russian winter fans. With both typically played outdoors, these games add to the wintery ambiance that Russian winter brings.

In addition to the sports, there’s also plenty of other activities during Russian winter. Horse-drawn sleigh rides, nighttime street festivals, and winter fairs provide ample entertainment for those looking for something different. And of course, there are tons of traditional Russian dishes to enjoy, such as borscht, piroshki, blini, and solyanka.

Regardless of how one chooses to spend Russian winter, it is undoubtedly a special time, full of adventure and unique experiences. If you do find yourself in Russia when the snow arrives, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the joy that a Russian winter has to offer!

The winter season in Russia

Variant 2

Winter in the woods is a magical time. The snow-covered trees and sparkling ice create a sleepy tranquility that makes it seem like time stops. Everything is quiet, but alive, like a living painting.

There’s an unmistakable stillness in the air. Every breath I take creates a soft puff of mist that disappears into nothingness. I feel as if I’m part of the landscape, blending in with the majestic beauty all around me.

The snow blankets the ground, creating a thick layer of white that hides the Earth beneath it. The trees twinkle in the moonlight with their branches full of glittering ice. I see the tracks of animals in the snow, a reminder that life continues, even in this moment of serenity.

The birds flutter in the trees and their songs echo across the forest. Even in the winter, the woods are alive with thrilling sound.

The sun glows in the sky and its light reflects off the fresh snow, creating a brilliant glow that bathes the woods in a gentle warmth. I can almost forget the cold world waiting outside the forest.

The scent of pine, cedar, and fir linger in the air and the crunch of the snow beneath my feet reminds me that winter is here.

Winter in the woods is a precious time. It’s a moment of peace, tranquility, and beauty that I treasure each time I’m lucky enough to experience it.

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